Immerse yourself in mindfulness with our range of inspiring workshops

Our range of workshops are designed with organisations, groups and teams in mind. We’ve developed a package of inspiring and educational workshops that can help your team develop new life skills in an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere.

Our skilled teachers and facilitators have decades of experience under their belt, working with a huge range of people across the globe. Check out some of our most popular workshops below. All our workshops can be customised and adapted to your particular needs. We’re confident we’ll be able to help, so drop us a line and tell us what you need!


Introduction to Mindfulness

Our Introduction to Mindfulness workshop is our most popular offering. The workshop focuses on providing you with tools and techniques that you can put into practice in your own day to day life. We’ve also designed the workshop to be experiential, so we’re not just talking at you! We’ll give you the opportunity to try out some mindfulness and meditation practices for yourself in a relaxed, friendly environment with expert guidance.

There’ll be opportunities for questions, sharing and discussion and we’ll also tell you a bit about the background, theory and scientific basis for mindfulness. After the session, we’ll give you handouts, audio tracks and resources that can help you continue to explore mindfulness and meditation.

Resilience, Happiness and Stress Reduction

Our Resilience, Happiness and Stress Reduction workshop gives you the opportunity to try out some of the most helpful ideas and practical tools that have emerged from mindfulness, mindfulness-based CBT and positive psychology. These ideas and exercises can help you to see your experience through a different lens, reconnect with your priorities, and meet the world in a way that feels wholesome and fulfilling.

With guidance from an experienced professional, we’ll help you to explore these ideas and practices in a varied, enjoyable and interactive way. All of the interactive elements of the workshop are optional so you are welcome to come along and just try out the various exercises as much as feels right for you. There will be opportunities for discussion and questions throughout the workshop, but there’s no obligation or expectation to participate in discussion or question if it doesn’t feel right for you.

Person practicing mindful writing
Mindfulness and Therapeutic Writing

Therapeutic writing is a way to turn the humble notebook and pen into powerful tools for self-care, resilience and inspiration. In this workshop, we’ll use writing as a mindfulness practice. With guidance from an experienced teacher, you can use the varied practices and exercises during the workshop to help understand yourself in new ways, see situations from different perspectives, explore creative and emotional expression and give yourself a unique opportunity to tune into your inner world.

The workshop includes opportunities for sharing discussion within the group but you won’t be asked to share anything you write, unless you want to. You don’t even need to read it back to yourself at the end. Just follow the guidance, enjoy the experience and let your words spill onto the page. These workshops are led by our resident writer, teacher and self-expression specialist, Gillian Torres. Among her wealth of experience, Gillian has led workshops teaching therapeutic writing for many years, to everyone from nervous beginners to seasoned professional writers.

Two people exploring mindful communication together
Mindful Communication

Communication and connection with the people around us is an essential part of life. Our Mindful Communication workshop gives you the opportunity to explore the in’s and out’s of communication with others in a safe and simple way. Whether we’re communicating under pressure, listening deeply to someone or setting boundaries, communication affects every part of our lives. In this workshop, with the guidance of an experienced teacher, we can explore this fascinating aspect of human life using simple, practical, mindfulness-based exercises.

All of the practical exercises in the workshop have been designed with your wellbeing in mind. You won’t be asked to share anything personal or take part in any crazy role-plays! You don’t need to share anything personal, or anything that you don’t feel comfortable sharing. And all of the interactive elements of the workshop are optional so you are welcome to come along and try out the various exercises just as much as feels right for you.

Yoga and Mindful Movement

Our Yoga and Mindful Movement workshop is designed to be accessible to everyone, including people that have never practiced yoga or anything similar before. All we want to do is help you explore some simple ways to use movement and yoga as a way to reconnect with yourself and feel well. The workshop uses a gentle combination of exercises and movements drawn from Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

All of the movements are optional, so you can take part just as much as feels right for you. If you have physical limitations, we can give you guidance for simple ways to modify the movements safely and simply. These workshops are led by our resident yoga teacher, Gina Torres or Mindfulness Liverpool founder, Dave Spencer. Gina is an experienced and highly trained yoga and movement specialist. Dave is a trained and experienced yoga and mindful movement teacher, with a wide range of experience. We can provide all of the equipment for the workshops, including yoga mats.

Mo Keegan

Participant Testimonials

Dave Spencer and Andrea Cygler are both exceptional teachers. They have exceptional skill at making mindfulness become real, and supporting you in encompassing it into daily activity/life to make a difference. I got such a lot from the programme, as well as some well needed “me-time”.
In my whirlwind life this practice has enabled me to be calm, and much more focused, in both my work and at home. Mindfulness Liverpool provides a safe place to learn and practice mindfulness, you will leave feeling relaxed and with a positive mind-set. I will certainly be sharing these concepts in my working life to help others, as well as continuing to use it myself to stay in the moment and enjoy the here and now.

Maureen Keegan

Workforce Development Officer

Lynsey Mcgrath

Participant Testimonials

I attended Dave Spencer’s Mindfulness for Stress course as part of my own personal development, and also my CPD (Continuing Professional Development). Being a teacher of Mindfulness myself, I wanted to develop my own knowledge deeper, and see how others delivered the concept. I have to say that I was amazed at the amount of information and inner wisdom that I gained from this course.

Both Dave and Andrea were brilliant in their approach. Mindfulness can be a challenging concept to deliver, yet they did so very well and made it enjoyable, informative and very easy to take on board. I would recommend anyone, for professional or personal gain, to attend this course.

Lynsey McGrath

Mindfulness Teacher

Clive Cook

Participant Testimonials

With an understanding of psychological interventions, and some experience of practicing mindfulness, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I gained from both the theoretical knowledge and practical elements of this course. The course content, supplementary readings, group discussions and professional delivery from David and Andrea allowed participants to engage and achieve everything they expected from the course and more!

Clive Cook

Sport and Exercise Scientist

Jan Canter

Participant Testimonials

I found this course deeply fulfilling, particularly in the way it combined the theory of mindfulness with real practice. I would go as far as to say it has certainly provided me with some vital tools for life, which I am now using on a daily basis.

The world we now live in is far more complex, and in many ways more difficult, than it has ever been. Proper coping mechanisms to deal with the stress which is around us, especially in the work place, are so much more essential. For me, practicing Mindfulness will go a long way to making sense of it all, and dealing with that stress. This course, into which Dave and Andrea put so much personally, has enabled me to do this.

Jan Canter


Andrea Denton

Participant Testimonials

Dave and Andrea provided excellent guidance in exploring the effects of stress, and applying Mindfulness as a resilience technique. The course was well planned with weekly reading and practice to do at home, and the learning atmosphere in the sessions was open, welcoming, and responsive to participants needs. It was fun and reassuring learning with the others on the course, and, as it was a relatively small group, felt friendly.
There was a good variety of practical exercises and discussion, making the content easy and enjoyable to follow. Andrea and Dave are brilliant and patient teachers and I felt able to ask for extra support if needed. The course catered well for learning at home, with access to audio-recorded exercises, and weekly prompts to help maintain motivation. Doing this course has helped me to effectively be able to manage the stresses of 21st century-living and was a truly enjoyable, enriching experience. I would look forward to other similar courses from Dave and Andrea and I very much recommend doing the Mindfulness for Stress course with them in Liverpool.

Andrea Denton

Occupational Therapist

Jenny Walsh

Participant Testimonials

I signed up for the Mindfulness for Stress course with the aim of learning new techniques to incorporate into my work, but I gained so much more than that! Dave and Andrea provided an opportunity for both reflection, and new learning, within a supportive environment, along with excellent course materials to help deepen our practice.

The sessions were invaluable, the teachers were inspirational and I really enjoyed my time with the group. Since the course ended, I have continued to practise mindfulness and fully intend to develop my skills further.

Jenny Walsh

CBT Therapist

Linda Thompson

Participant Testimonials

I can honestly say that my life has changed since taking part in the Breathworks course. Rather than my life operating on my stress levels and making rash decisions, I feel like I am now able to slow down, think, and make much more informed choices. The catalysts for stress are still in my everyday life, but I am now able to react and deal with them more calmly and positively. Rather than worrying my life away, I now have a bank of tools that I can use to help me put my problems in perspective, and deal with them more efficiently.

Mindfulness doesn’t take your problems and stresses away, but it does give you the skills to deal with them in a much more positive way. Dave and Andrea are lovely people who accept everybody and allow you to be and accept your true self.

Linda Thompson

Deputy Headteacher

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