Our Core Values


Integrity is everything in mindfulness teaching. Our teaching is informed by cutting edge science and underpinned by ongoing training and development. We follow industry-standard codes of ethics and good practice and all of our trainers have full public liability insurance. Inner integrity is all-important as well, so be assured that we practice what we preach. We teach from experience, sharing practices that have worked for us. We walk our talk.


Every person and every moment is different from the next, so to support and educate most effectively we must listen, learn, adapt and find creative ways to communicate, teach and train. Every moment of our teaching is a moment of aliveness, presence, connection and responsiveness. All our workshops and training courses are imbued with this responsiveness and aliveness from the ground up.


At the heart of mindfulness is, well, heart. Mindfulness practice is a process of befriending ourselves, our experience and the world around us and that’s not always easy! It’s crucial to be gentle with ourselves as we do this. Compassion (particularly, self-compassion) is at the heart of all the most successful approaches to mindfulness. At Mindfulness Liverpool, we make sure it underpins every bit of our teaching, guidance and practice.

Our Team

Dave Spencer – Founder

Dave Spencer is a well-known and respected teacher, therapist, speaker and lecturer, specialising in mindfulness and well-being. He has practised and trained in mindfulness and meditation techniques since 2001. He teaches Mindfulness for many different organisations, including The University of Liverpool and The Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts. He also teaches extremely popular independent classes, workshops and courses on mindfulness, meditation and yoga throughout the North-West.

Dave is also an associate trainer for Breathworks CIC – one of the leading mindfulness organisations in Europe. As well as multiple training accreditations in his field, he holds a Post-Graduate Diploma with Distinction in Studies in Mindfulness. Dave is trained to teach mindfulness with Breathworks CIC and The Mindfulness Association. He is an approved teacher with The UK Network of Teacher Training Organisations and is a trained supervisor for mindfulness teachers. Dave also receives regular supervision himself and regularly attends CPD training events and retreats.

Andrea Cygler – Senior Associate

Andrea Cygler is a highly experienced and qualified well-being practitioner. She has taught and practiced complementary health, stress management, resiliency training, therapeutic touch and meditation and relaxation techniques for twenty years. Andrea is a qualified Breathworks trainer and a qualified Mindfulness in Schools Instructor (www.mindfulnessinschools.org). She teaches mindfulness courses and meditation sessions throughout the North West. Andrea is also a Breathworks Associate and part of their teacher training team; regularly facilitating on Breathworks Teacher Training courses.

As well as teaching independent mindfulness courses and meditation sessions, Andrea’s main focus has been on community projects. She works closely with support services, adult learning services and school services, and has a passion for helping and working with all ages and diversities of people. Andrea is committed to inspiring, enabling and supporting individuals in taking an active and integrative approach to their wellbeing – encouraging a deep understanding of the connection and relationship between body, mind and spirit. Mindfulness-based approaches are at the heart of Andrea’s work.

Keith Harvey  – Senior Associate

As well as being a highly experienced mindfulness teacher and trainer, accredited in several approaches to mindfulness, Keith is a person-centred counsellor, accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and a qualified counselling supervisor, with experience of working as a therapist in schools, the NHS, with homeless young people, and with the LGBT community.

Keith has been meditating and practicing mindfulness for more than 15 years and is interested in the secular applications of mindfulness practice for individuals, in the workplace and in schools. Prior to his work in mindfulness, therapy and counselling, Keith worked as a university lecturer in linguistics, French literature and translation and has a PhD from the University of Manchester.

Keith is well known for his kind, thoughtful presence, which comes through in all his work.

Ellie Paskell – Associate

Ellie is a mindfulness teacher and Somatic Life Coach™. Ellie is a certified mindfulness coach, having trained as a Mindfulness Based Pain Management teacher with Breathworks (one of the UK’s leading mindfulness organisations) https://www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk and lives life in her own, radical way – that is – guided by her body and intuition.

Ellie leads regular mindfulness classes and retreats; teaches mindfulness in corporate environments; sees clients on a one-to-one basis and gives global online webinars https://www.elliepaskell.com/selflove.

“Everything we want, we want because we believe we will feel better in the having of it. All feelings happen in the body and taking guidance from all parts of ourselves – our guts, bones, hearts – as well as our heads – is the way to craft lives which feel as we want them to feel. The mind can be filled with ‘shoulds’ and obligation but the body is always honest, wise and kind. It’s guidance leads us to where we need to be.”

Gillian Torres – Business and Development Manager

Gillian is a writer, author, entrepeneur, consultant and teacher. She is an experienced mindfulness practitioner and is the creator of the unique written mindfulness practice, Soul Scripting.

She is in demand as a creative business consultant, working with groundbreaking organisations like 2030Hub Liverpool, the world’s first United Nations Local Hub for the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Gillian brings her unique skills to Mindfulness Liverpool to help catalyse innovative training and services of the absolute highest quality.